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The Differences Between South and North in China


As it is known, there are big differences between different countries, such as different personalities of people, different cultures, different food, different taboos and different customs. However, the big differences could even exist within a country. I bet you could be interested in the…

Oh my god thank you so much. This article is so interesting and very well written. Love.

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Happy new year Giap Ngo

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Love you

Seriously, I won’t believe what I am talking. But you are truly the most cherished, precious, lovely person I have ever seen (beside my parents). I wish the world we are living in does not have the taboo, so we can be together forever.
I love making you happy. You are born to be loved : )

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Way of living

Yes, I should live a way that I feel happy …
Not to live someone else’s life ~

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Light’s speed is greater than sound’s. That’s why some people seem beautiful until they open their mouth.

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True friends will be there whenever you have such problems in your life.
They can understand you without your attempt saying about it.
I’m finding that person. Finding, and never find out.
That kind of people is too precious to have!

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NASA has confirmed that December 21, late afternoon, the sky will be very dark. It is an interesting phenomenon called “night.”

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